From our coastal cities to our urban neighborhoods, we are a vibrant region that demands an effective advocate in our State’s government to put our values into action.

The 78th Assembly District has a long tradition of bold, progressive leadership. I am excited to run for Assembly to continue that tradition and to represent our dynamic district at the State Capitol. We need leadership that has lived the challenges that families face, and truly understands the impacts political decisions make on people’s lives. I will fight every day for investments in affordable childcare and early childhood education, adequate housing supply at every income level, and job security and upward mobility for hard working families of San Diego County.

The California Dream should be attainable for all.

We need to make sure the tools are provided and the safety net is strong for our most vulnerable. Raising my young children has given me the motivation to make sure progress is secure, and we pay it forward. Looking to the future to start solving problems today, I am deeply committed to responding to the immediate threats of climate change—coastal flooding and increased wildfire risk. Sacramento has also kicked the can for too long on a statewide, long-term water plan to get us through drought years. Additionally, we must make investments in housing, transportation, health care, public safety, education, and other cornerstones of successful state governance to fulfill our duty to the people of California.

Between my time in elected local government, previously serving as a Chief of Staff in the Assembly, in the private sector and as a community leader, I have the experience to hit the ground running on day one. I’m committed to being present throughout the District to stay accessible and help guide me to act as your voice. As a City Councilmember, I have made sure that constituent services are the highest priority, that progressive policies receive the support they need, and that our region gets the resources it deserves.

I look forward to connecting with you during this campaign, and hope to earn your trust and your vote. I am deeply committed to serving the community that has given my family so much and learning from my neighbors and constituents.

I'm ready to serve you.